To celebrate their success in convincing many governments around the world to innoculate little girls against STD’s, Merck has unveiled the next phase of their campaign.

In a bizarre turn of events, Merck is now starting the push to vaccinate little boys. This development was hinted at as early as May, when an article was published suggesting that cancer of the throat and tonsils can arise from infection with a sexually transmitted virus.

The escalation of this phase has continued on schedule. It has now reached the point where unnamed “researchers” are advising that Gardasil should also be given to boys to help avert cancers linked to oral sex. Next step, watch for the slick, hypnotic “Tell Someone” type television ads to start targeting boys.

Be sure to read Newstarget‘s Mike Adams article: Absurd vaccine marketing calls for cervical cancer vaccinations for young boys! Among other things, he’s been researching vaccination issues and the Gardasil story, and has several other articles that are worth looking at, including “The Great Thimerosal Coverup“.

Corporations and government are now indistinguishable from each other. Government does not look at issues based on the view of what’s good for the people, instead the important issues of the day are based on profit of the corporation. It really wasn’t difficult for Merck to persuade the Canadian government that all little girls needed to be vaccinated with Gardasil.

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